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Henri Pierre Jacques, Jarrid Tingle, Brandon Bryant, John Henry

Founders, Harlem Capital

According to a recent study by the National Venture Capital Association, Black investors comprise only 1.7 percent of venture capitalists. Enter Harlem Capital, a firm dedicated to investing in 1,000 minority founders over the next 20 years and is helmed by four 20-something African-American men. The New York City-based company is committed to true inclusion and plans to invest at least half of its capital in women and minority founders, helping them to build wealth and create employment opportunities in their communities. The Harlem Capital team believes that millennials of color are well-equipped to create a new era of global business. The group meets with new entrepreneurs who meet its criteria to identify potential candidates. In May, Harlem Capital announced its investment in Paladin, a legal-tech startup that makes access to social justice possible for low-income people.

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