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This Hashtag Shows the ‘All Lives Matter’ Crowd Some Receipts

Black Lives Matter

For some reason, many folks have a hard time recognizing the need for #BlackLivesMatter. Despite the fact that police are more likely to stop and kill Black people, every single time we assert, ‘Black lives matter,’ someone has to come through to say, ‘Actually, all lives matter.'” –

Founded in 1945 and 1951, EBONY and JET have always been on the brink of sharing the challenges and issues facing the heart of Black America. We’ve been on the dark and light side of history, capturing some of the most important moments in Black American history. So while we understand and accept that all lives matter, there’s no need to erase the importance of #BlackLivesMatter. And clearly, Twitter is not having it either.

Today Black Twitter took to the Internet streets to stand up against anti #BlackLivesMatter trolls and shut down down this #AllLivesMatter nonsense with facts to back it up.


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