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Danai Gurira x Reebok

‘Black Panther’ Actor Danai Gurira Becomes New Face of Reebok

After revealing she grew up playing sports, Danai Gurira has become the newest female campaign star for Reebok’s Be More Human campaign. The Black Panther actress joins the ranks of boxer Reese Scott, singer Ariana Grande and fellow actress Gal Gadot as ambassadors for the global athletic brand.

Speaking about fitness, Gurira said playing sports were a big part of her of childhood and revealed that she works out four times a week to maintain her body.  The Walking Dead actress wrote a letter to her younger self for the campaign about striving for greatness while keeping her mind, body and spirit healthy.

“Continue to find new, healthy ways to challenge yourself, your body, your mind. Continue to make goals, big and small, and strive to meet them, because nothing beats that feeling of completion, of accomplishment, and no one can take that from you.”

Gurira is rumored to be in talks to star in Godzilla and Star Trek. Learn more about Danai’s activism and purpose in her June 2018 cover of EBONY.


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