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Nelly Settles Lawsuit With Sexual Assault Accuser


Rapper Nelly and his rape accuser, Monique Greene, have agreed on a settlement in their rape and defamation lawsuits, according to the Seattle Times. A dismissal order was filed on Monday in King County Superior Court.

The St. Louis rapper was arrested in October 2017 after being accused of raping Greene on his tour bus in Auburn, Washington. The alleged victim claimed Nelly sexually assaulted her following an appearance the rapper made at the nightclub where she worked. The “Hot N Here” rapper denied the accusation and said the encounter was consensual.

In December 2017, Greene filed a lawsuit when prosecutors did not press charges. She additionally, presented the defamation claim after Nelly’s lawyer told the media she made up the story. The rapper countersued for defamation.

According to the documents, both parties have agreed on a settlement that includes paying their own legal fees and dropping the lawsuits.

Scott Rosenblum, Nelly’s attorney, told media outlets, “Both parties have mutually agreed to drop the lawsuit. No settlement or money changed hands.”

Karen Koehler, Greene’s lawyer, however, said that comment is not true. She added that her client is standing by her account of the situation “100 percent.”

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