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Jones Family Affair: Netflix Acquires Rashida-Directed Quincy Documentary

According to Deadline, Netflix is set to premiere Quincy, a documentary about music icon Quincy Jones that was co-directed by his daughter, actor Rashida Jones, and Alan Hicks.

The film explores the life of Quincy who worked in the entertainment industry for more than six decades. He began his career playing the trumpet and piano and also arranging music for artists including Lionel Hampton, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Ray Charles.  The Chicago native later produced iconic music including songs by Leslie Gore (“It’s My Party”), Frank Sinatra (Sinatra at the Sands) and Michael Jackson (Thriller).  He worked on soundtracks and scores for several films including The Wiz, Roots and The Color Purple. Throughout his career, he received 79 Grammy nominations and won 27 of the highly coveted music awards, the second most in history. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2013.

“It’s rare that somebody who has lived as much life as my dad is still interested in growing and knowing the next generation,” Rashida said. “He is such a man of action and accomplishments, but we were so lucky to spend real time with him, to let him reflect on life and the larger picture. I feel honored to be able to share that with audiences all over the world.”

The documentary is executive produced by Adam Fell from Quincy Jones Productions, and Jane Rosenthal and Berry Welsh from Tribeca Productions.

Quincy will be released globally on Sept. 21 on Netflix, with an accompanying limited theater release.

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