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Trevor Noah Likens President Donald Trump to Drunk Pilot

Trevor Noah, Donald Trump, Between the Scenes

Trevor Noah joked about the dangers of political predictions during the Between the Scenes segment of The Daily Show on Wednesday.

When asked if he had predictions for the midterm elections, the comedian responded, “I hate predicting things.”

Noah, who was born in South Africa, continued, “I think a lot of America’s predicting hurts its elections because a lot of it seems like a foregone conclusion because of the predictions.”

He went on to explain that Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump in the 2016 election can be blamed on voter apathy and the thought that the former could not have beaten the more qualified candidate.

“I don’t think there should be polls. I think polls should only be accessible to campaigns,” Noah said. “I  don’t think we should know who is up and down. Why does that affect your vote? Why are you voting because someone is winning or losing?”

He then urged people to go out and vote on Nov. 6. “I remember when I would hear Americans talk about elections. It would be so crazy, people would be like, ‘I’ll see.’ or ‘Who do you even vote for? It’s all the same, right?’ That’s what people said about Trump and Hillary. Now it’s like ‘Oh, yeah! It’s different.'”

Noah joked that former president Barack Obama spoiled people with his competence. “Imagine if America was an airplane and Obama was a pilot. He was one of those swaggy pilots [who] has everything under control.”

He went on with his analogy and said that when Clinton raised her hand to fly next and said “I’ve been practicing my whole life,” that many people rejected her want to be the first female president under the belief that “a lady can’t fly a plane.”

Noah then correlated Trump’s campaign run to a “drunk dude who stood up” and asserted that he could fly the plane, “so far” and “so fast.” Then all the passengers, who represent the American public in this scenario, cheeringly said, “That’s what we need someone who never flew a plane before.”

After Trump began to shake things up is when several people (not including Kanye West) decided to look for the exit.

The Problem with Political Predictions

Here’s what’s wrong with political predictions.

Posted by Between the Scenes on Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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