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Whitney Houston Documentary Coming in July

An authorized Whitney Houston documentary will be arriving this summer, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Whitney is being created by the Oscar-winning documentarian and filmmaker Kevin Macdonald. Macdonald is responsible for movies such as One Day In September and The Last King of Scotland.

The documentary has the blessing of the Houston estate and will consist of unseen footage from live performances and home videos. The film will also feature unreleased versions of some of Whitney’s songs.

“I approached Whitney’s life like a mystery story; why did someone with so much raw talent and beauty self-destruct so publicly and painfully?,” said Macdonald in the announcement. “I was lucky enough to have the support of Pat Houston and the Whitney Houston estate in this quest. They entrusted me with the ‘keys to the vault’ while giving me complete freedom to follow the story wherever it went.”

The documentary premieres on July 6.

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