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Show Us Your Room, Amanda Idoko

‘Show Us Your Room’ Wants Hollywood to Prove Hiring Inclusion

Amanda Idoko, a writer on the animated series Central Park, started the #ShowUsYourRoom challenge on social media Tuesday. The initiative aims to encourage people from the writers’ room of Hollywood shows to share pictures to prove how inclusive the industry has become.

“Being in a diverse room means not carrying the exhausting weight of being the only,” Idoko captioned a photo of her room. “It means working in a space that looks the way the world does. I’m proud of the way my room looks. Are you? If so, let’s see it 🙂 .”

The TV writer spoke to Variety about creating the initiative. “This is a time where everyone is talking about diversity and inclusion,” Idoko told the publication. “Everyone’s saying they’re promoting diversity and inclusion, but every year the numbers are the same. People are saying they want diversity and inclusion but not actually fighting for it.”

She worked with the Inclusion and Equity Subcommittee of the WGA Committee of Black Writers. Idoko credited the findings of 2017 Hollywood Diversity Report for started the challenge. The report, which looked at 168 theatrical films and 1.208 TV shows, found that minorities and women remained underrepresented both in front of and behind the camera.

“Things aren’t changing because all of these studies and statistics are anonymous. Simply classifying lack of diversity as an industry-wide problem takes away personal accountability and personal incentive for people to actually stand up and fix the problem,” Idoko said.

Other series writers’ rooms shared their photos in response to Idoko’s post including Insecure, The Chi, 13 Reasons Why and Power.

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