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Tupac Is Alive, Says Suge Knight’s Son

Suge Knight Jr., the oldest son of the onetime rap mogul, claimed that legendary rapper Tupac is alive and living overseas on Wednesday.


“Tupac Is Alive,” said an image Knight posted to Instagram. He later claimed in his story that the deceased rapper is living in Malaysia.

He then posted a text message thread that allegedly followed his Tupac claim. “You said [too] much,” read the first message. It was followed by a presumed threat, “Time for you to go.”

Doubling down, Knight wrote, “The truth will be out and I’m not going anywhere.”


He also posted “recent” photos of an aged Tupac with celebrities including 50 Cent and Beyoncé. “He never left us,” Knight captioned one of the images.

According to a video he later posted, Knight asserted that the Illuminati is after him for sharing the information.


Conspiracies theories have run rampant since Tupac died in Sept. 1996 after being shot in Las Vegas. That could be due in part to his numerous posthumous albums or that the rap icon’s killing has gone unsolved for more than 20 years.



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