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14-Year-Old Boy Graduates from High School and College on the Same Day (VIDEO)

14-Year-Old, high school, college

A 14-year-old Georgia boy graduated from high school and college on the same day, Atanta’s Fox 5 reports.

Matthew McKenzie has been gifted since he was a young child. He learned how to read at 4-years-old, took high school classes at 8-years old and college classes at 11.

“I graduated from Chattahoochee Tech with my degree in Interdisciplinary Studies and later that night got my diploma from high school,” he said.

His mother, Monique McCord, homeschooled him when he was in the second grade.

“We would pull material from different textbooks and custom create his curriculum,” said McCord.

He will be studying biochemistry at Kennesaw State University in the fall and has plans to pursue a Masters and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering.

“I want to be a Cosmetic Chemist I want to start my own line of chemical products, the beauty of things,” said McKenzie

Check out video of his story below.

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