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6th Grader Writes Note for Car Owner After Bus Driver’s Hit-and-Run

An unidentified sixth grader from Buffalo, New York has gone viral for allegedly leaving a note on Andrew Sipowicz’s car after her school bus hit the vehicle, according to local news outlet WKBW.

Sipowicz, an upperclassman at Canisius College, shared the note and photos of his damaged car to Twitter. “Shoutout to the anonymous 6th grader for saving me a couple thousand (Bus not drawn to scale).”

“If you wondering what happen to your car,” the middle school student started the note. “Bus: 449 hit your car It stops here everyday to drop me off. At 5:00pm.”

The school bus rider explained how the accident happened. “She was trying to pull off and hit the car. She hit and run. She tried to tear over and squeeze threw but couldn’t. She actually squeezed threw. She made a dent and I saw what happened.”

At the end of the letter, the Houghton Academy student said they and added a drawing of the bus, apologized, gave the seat number of the bus driver.

Sipowicz added an update saying they found the female student.

“The student who wrote the letter has been found and we’re in the process of finding a way to reward her for her actions. Very grateful for why what she did.”


Nick Kiser, the student’s teacher, shared his enthusiasm about the girl’s merit. “Proud teacher moment,” he tweeted. “One of my students wasn’t afraid to be a ‘snitch’ and did the good deed. NO THANKSGIVING HOMEWORK!”

Kevin Garcia, the vice principal of the middle school, told 7 Eyewitness News, the young girl’s “celebrating her outstanding leadership.” She will receive an award for the gesture within the next few weeks.

Several users applauded the student and her parents for doing a stellar job raising an honest person.


“What a wonderful future leader. And kudos to her parents,” one user wrote.

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