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Teacher Under Investigation for Dragging 7-Year-Old Off Bus by His Feet


An elementary school teacher in Memphis is being investigated after a disturbing video of him dragging a young boy off the school bus by his ankles was uploaded to Facebook. According to HuffPost, the incident took place last week and was recorded by another child on the school bus.

The video was uploaded by the young boy’s mother Kimberly Hardin and she encouraged her followers to spread the video of what appears to be misconduct. FOX13 reports that a representative from the Robert R. Church Elementary School said there was a fight n the bus and the unidentified teacher stepped in to de-escalate the situation.

The video however just appears to show children screaming as the teacher grabbed the boy who repeatedly cried out for his mother and asked for the teacher to remove his hands off of him. The situation seems to be getting more attention for the fact that the student is a young Black male and the teacher who held him upside-down for most of the incident is a White male.

Hardin claims her son is now scared to return to school after receiving a concussion and a bruised back. She reveals she wasn’t told about the incident by the school district until days later. The Memphis resident said she obtained the video from the mother of the child who recorded it in a private message.

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