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University to Cover 100 Percent of Teen’s Tuition Following Scholarship Loss

Zaviona Woodruff did everything right.

In her hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan, the Kalamazoo Promise Scholarship is guaranteed to every student in who studied in a Kalamazoo Public School (KPS) from kindergarten through 12th grade. Woodruff also kept her grades up, graduating with high honors and a 3.57 GPA from Loy Norrix High School. Unfortunately, her scholarship was revoked due to the fact that she was homeless for a time, according to Fox 17. Zaviona apparently lived outside of the KPS district when she and her family had to move into a shelter for six months, disqualifying her for the scholarship.

After expressing her desire to study Mechanical Engineering at Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan, Oakland U reached out to the bright young woman to offer her a 100% tuition grant.  She will still be responsible for her books and about $1,640.

Fortunately, the GoFundMe page she set up after learning she lost her scholarship should more than cover it, as she raised over $17,000 after setting a $12,000 goal. Any left-over funds will go towards her younger sister’s college fund.

Check out her story below.

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