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[Exclusive] ‘Take 5:’ Van Jones Explores the Meaning of Patriotism

A new docuseries is taking a closer look at what patriotism means to Americans today.

Take 5: A More Perfect Patriot, produced by Sundance Now, features six short documentaries that explore geopolitical conflicts, immigration, forms or protest, etc. all in the name of patriotism.

The movies feature notable celebrities like CNN contributor Van Jones and former NFL star Nate Boyer.

Sundance Now is a streaming subscription video-on-demand service. It’s second season, “A More Perfect Patriot,” focuses on the timeliness of what it means to be American in a highly diverse and divided country.

Season 1 of Sundance Now explored “Justice in America.” The five-part series delved into issues related to the working poor, bail reform, voting rights, gun control and gentrification.

Check out Sundance Now Take 5: A More Perfect Patriot featuring Jones below.

The series premieres on Wednesday May 24. Visit for more information.


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