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White Mom Gets Stranger’s Help with Her Black Daughter’s Hair

Black hair
Left to Right: Monica Hunter, Haley and Stephanie Hollifield. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

Monica Hunter, an African-American mother of three, lent a helping hand and taught Stephanie Hollifield, a White adoptive mother and stranger, how to style Black hair.

Last week, Hollifield shared a message on Facebook asking for help with the styling the hair of her 2-year-old Black daughter, Haley.

“Black friends of Social Media,” the mom wrote. “This clueless white momma is humbly coming to you to ask your help with Haley’s hair.”

Dear Black Friends of Social Media, This clueless white momma is humbly coming to you to ask your help with Haley’s…

Posted by Stephanie Hollifield on Friday, November 9, 2018

Hollifield explained how helpless she felt after endless attempts of getting a hold of Haley’s coils.

“We wash once a week. We do the water, leave in conditioner, oil, and hot towel every morning … We are gentle as can be, but she still requires at least 6 minutes of cuddles after the trauma of her daily hair combing.”

Hunter responded to the message and offered up some advice to her fellow mother.

“I told her about different products she could use on her baby’s hair,” the Black mom told Yahoo Lifestyle. “Then I said, ‘If you ever need help, I’ll come over and help. I’m serious. We’ll style Miss Haley’s hair!”

Hollifield invited her over on Sunday afternoon. Hunter came with the tools to help manage Haley’s hair including hair products, combs and headbands.

She advised the 2-year-old’s mother to keep the styling simple despite others recommending Hollifield allow Haley to get extensions.

“Her curls are really tight, so I did a protective style to encourage her hair to grow,” Hunter told the news site. She also told Hollifield to wash less and to do styles that can last long periods of time as opposed to daily hairdos that can irritate Haley.

Hollifield was appreciative for the kindness of a stranger.

“This lady, Monica Hunter, who I had never met in person before today, offered to come to my house and walk me through exactly how to style my daughter’s hair,” she wrote in a follow-up post.

A couple of days ago, I posted to Facebook asking for advice on caring for my African American daughter’s hair. As a…

Posted by Stephanie Hollifield on Sunday, November 11, 2018

Hollifield continued, “She asked for nothing in return and wouldn’t accept my money. By the time she left I had a little more confidence in fixing my daughter’s hair, and most importantly I felt supported by my new friend. In a time of so much hate and division, our world needs more people like this.”

Hunter told Yahoo Lifestyle, “You all have no clue, that little girl Haley — and Stephanie — blessed me more than I blessed them.”

The moms have arranged a playdate for their children.

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