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12-Year-Old Rapper Appears in Court Following Viral Arrest Video

12-Year-Old Rapper Appears in Court Following Viral Arrest Video

Corey “Lil C Note” Jackson, 12, appeared in court this month to defend himself against felony charges.

In October 2018, Jackson was arrested at the Cumberland Mall in Cobb County, Georgia, on charges of illegally selling his CDs. A video of the aspiring rapper and motivational speaker being strong-armed by authorities sparked outrage within the community.

According to CBS 46, the boy faces charges of disorderly conduct with violence, criminal trespassing and an obstruction felony. His lawyer, Mawuli Davis, said Jackson did nothing wrong.

Police said Jackson was told to stop selling his mixtapes twice before being arrested.

“When he was there, he was not selling any CDs,” Davis said.

The attorney hopes the case will be dismissed; if not, Jackson will face other serious charges during a trial.

Jackson addressed his arrest and court appearance in an Instagram post on Feb. 23.

“Seriously like I really wake up everyday asking myself why would this police officer tell these Ludacris /ridiculous stories on me that now have me having to go to court facing a felony at 12 years old,” he captioned the post.

“As if I’m really a robber, killer / Murderer or some kid that cuss out and fight police officers or sum! Like I’m jus so foreal I just don’t understand why a man would do this & have me going threw all this!!#NotWorthItAtAll.”

In conclusion, Jackson said he wanted the officer’s bodycam footage released with hopes it will speed up court proceedings.

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