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Columbus Short Shares Molestation Story After Condemning R. Kelly

Columbus Short Shares Molestation Story After Condemning R. Kelly

Actor Columbus Short was among many who criticized R. Kelly after watching Surviving R. Kelly, a Lifetime docuseries that highlights the sexual and physical abuse allegations made against the singer for more than two decades.

On Wednesday, Short shared an Instagram video revealing that a babysitter molested him as a child. The actor’s revelation came after Kelly’s brother Carey said during a radio interview on Unwine with Tasha K that he and the singer were both molested by their older sister.

“I found out R. Kelly was molested by his sister, and it’s sad,” Short said.

He continued, “It doesn’t justify anything that he’s done as an adult man, but I was molested by my babysitter and she would make me do things that were really, really uncomfortable. I was scared to speak out. But I’m not scared anymore.”

Short said it’s time the Black community kills the stigma associated with sexual abuse by speaking out about it.

“I’m a talented man that was molested. I was touched, and it’s affected me in ways that I can’t even explain,” he said in conclusion. “For all those out there that have—it’s OK to speak out. It’s a lot of us. I’m praying for R. Kelly.”

Watch the video below.


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