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3 Tips to Brighten Your Day
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The winter months can be a pain, especially for those of us who rely on vitamin D from the sun. But you do not have to remain in a funk. Here are three ways to brighten … and improve your day no matter how you may feel.

1) Enjoy one meal that you absolutely love.

Whether it is your favorite cupcake, a piece of pie or a three-course meal, make sure to take time to enjoy it today. While the foods you love may best be enjoyed in moderation (meaning do not get sundaes with every meal), be sure to get what you want to eat as long as you’re healthy enough to do so.

2) Take time to do absolutely nothing—or something.

You have to make time for yourself. Yes, you are busy and must work, feed your family, visit the relatives and save the world. But what about you? Take time for yourself. Binge on your favorite show. Take yourself out for a spa or massage day. Just enjoy and appreciate you. Pamper yourself!

3) Understand that it is only 24 hours.

Some people experience bad moments while others have bad days. Either way, understand that while tomorrow might not be promised, but you won’t get anywhere thinking the worst.


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