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Surgery Solution for Diabetes

For people with Type 2 diabetes, two recent studies have found that weight-loss operations worked much better than the standard therapies. The studies found that those who were obese and had their stomach stapled and rerouted to the small intestine were much more likely to have a complete remission of diabetes. If not in complete remission, patients needed less medicine than people who were given the typical regimen of drugs, diet, and exercise. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine, the study showed that surgery also helped lower cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Referred to as “one of the fastest growing epidemics in human history” by the editorials, Type 2 diabetes has tripled in cases over the past 30 years to more than 20 million, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Researchers and physicians have long considered a link between the bariatric surgeries and remission, but this is the first hard data to prove it. 

Does surgery sound a bit drastic or like the perfect solution? Also, would people continue to eat and act irresponsibly if they have this solution at hand? 

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